[Ugh, formatting] Be me; Have a saved wishlist of games on the Dell site; Save up on DRP for a long while; Convert DRP before expiration date; Attempt to add games to the shopping cart; Find out it won't add the game; Find out the game is no longer in the store; Find out some other games on the list are also missing; Get 1 game that's working and blow almost all the converted DRP at once These games didn't disappear a week ago! At least it wasn't a birthday gift, or I'd be really upset.
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06.15.2024 15:52:27 - Phukndeeveesss -
I got myself a free Xbox controller using my DRP, SWEET
06.15.2024 16:32:01 - Punished_Pyle -
@TurdFerguson87 I hear ya. There has been a very noticeable decline in the number of available games since I first started redeeming DRP. @Phukndeeveesss Same. Nothing fancy; just something to allow me to go keyboard-free. Thanks, Dell!
06.15.2024 16:54:08 - TurdFerguson87 -
Least of all the code came within the minute of the order, which was faster than it was before, and I know I wasn't paying attention to the delivery options. Counting my blessings.
06.15.2024 16:55:59 - TurdFerguson87 -
I've actually gotten 3 controllers in the past when I had enough. One of those is a spare. Otherwise, I'm not surprised on the missing games, as that has happened to me over the years, but literally last week it was there!
06.15.2024 16:57:10 - TurdFerguson87 -
And I didn't want to spend the points then, though now I realize the points would've always expired on the 15th of the next 4 months instead of on the date, so I probably could've. That's probably on me.
06.16.2024 01:34:00 - Thalatash -
That happened to me with a keyboard a month ago when the new DRP came up for sale. I had it bookmarked, but it didn't even come up there anymore. Then, the keyboard I did buy gets like $40 off two weeks after I buy it, lol. C'est la vie
06.16.2024 02:44:38 - jsmith1976 -
Dell store is a bit weird. Such as when the new Spiderman Miles Morales came out, it was hidden from the PS5 game listing a few weeks later but still in-stock from wishlist. The NTDO Pro Controller was out of stock but restocked now...
06.16.2024 08:13:23 - ezkariot -
Wait! There are games on the Dell store and you can buy them with DRP? Is this a US only thing? I only have hardware available to buy (and not even controllers). Got thousands of DRP that are completely useless to me.
06.16.2024 08:30:37 - Bobbydog66 -
Hey, at least it's not lenovo who literally nuked their entire game section with no warning.
06.16.2024 14:53:35 - Fruit Punch Samurai -
Does the AWA staff have any control over the Dell website? I think this complaint is probably better off on a Dell forum or Dell social media account.