Is there no functionality for equipping artifacts after unequiping another on mobile? Or do you literally only have the ability to remove them and not fill the blank slots after. This has been an issue for a long time but I thought there was a work-around. I’m surprised and disappointed to find this hasn’t yet been fixed. Anyone know if a work-around for this?
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06.15.2024 08:12:35 - sceptical1960 -
Don't ever remove an artifact. EQUIP the new one over the one already there. Both actions BLOCK that slot for 24 hrs. Just removing an artifact creates an empty blocked slot
06.15.2024 13:24:32 - DrowningInIt -
This is not my experience guys. I have never been unable to equip an artifact in the desktop site after unequiping another. It just makes the slot empty not blocked
06.15.2024 13:25:55 - DrowningInIt -
@sceptical1960 yes but this is impossible on the mobile app apparently. You can only unequip
06.15.2024 21:09:16 - sceptical1960 -
@DrowningInIt - I was bitten on the Mobile App, and once I found a way that worked for PC, I stuck with it. I had no desire to look for another way once it worked
06.16.2024 15:02:18 - Fruit Punch Samurai -
@sceptical1960 - Last I checked, the AWA mobile app hasn't been updated in a couple years. Now, I can't even find it in the Google app store. 😲