Arena Rewards Program (ARP)


Earn Points

Earn points by uploading content, posting in the forums, voting on content and participating in community activities.


Get Rewards & Perks

Gain levels with your ARP points and receive exclusive rewards and special perks.


Win Prizes!

Use your points to enter weekly sweepstakes for a chance to win prizes including games, gear, electronics and more.

How to Earn Points

There are two ways you can earn ARP: Daily Activities and from your Community Gain. You are limited on the amount of ARP you can earn from Daily Activities. There is no cap on how much ARP you can earn from your Community Gain.

Reward Levels

The points that you accumulate will automatically go toward the next level and following rewards. Rewards are cumulative.

Daily Activities Points (Daily Max)
Add a Thread or News Post +1 (5)
Every 5 Votes on a Post or Reply +1 (10)
Every 5 Votes in a This or That +1 (5)
Single Event and Admin Issued Points
One of your Posts is Featured +10
First Profile Avatar Image Approved +10
Enter a Sweepstakes or Contest +5
Community Gain (CG)
  • CG is affected by other members voting on your posts
  • Every post has its own CG tally
  • Higher-level members affect CG greater than lower levels
  • CG’s scores and level values are not publically viewable
  • The visual number on each post shows the total number of upvotes minus the total number of downvotes, not your post’s CG tally
  • As your CG raises on a post, you will gain additional ARP
  • If your post’s CG drops below a certain threshold, the post will be automatically hidden and marked for review. If it is removed, the following ARP deductions will occur:
    • Loss of all ARP gained from the post
    • -10 ARP
    • Loss of ARP for any member who upvoted the removed post
Level Points Reward
1 0

Badge Earned:

2 15

General access to ARP sweepstakes (where eligible).

Border Earned:

3 40

Unlock an exclusive badge pack and the ability to display 1 badge.

Badges Earned:

4 75

Border Earned:

Level Points Reward
5 125

Access to community giveaways.

6 175

Border Earned:

7 225
8 300

Unlock an exclusive badge pack and can now display 2 badges with posts.

Badges Earned:

Border Earned:

9 400

Additional editing options for forums.

Level Points Reward
10 500

Ability to add news articles.

Border Earned:

11 600
12 700

Unlock an exclusive badge pack and can now display 3 badges with posts.

Badges Earned:

Border Earned:

13 800
14 900

Border Earned:

Level Points Reward
15 1000
16 1200

Border Earned:

17 1400
18 1600

Border Earned:

19 1800
Level Points Reward
20 2000

Access to "Grown Ups" section of the forums.

Border Earned:

21 2200
22 2400

Unlock an exclusive badge pack.

Badges Earned:

Border Earned:

23 2600
24 2800

Border Earned:

Level Points Reward
25 3000
26 3200

Border Earned:

27 3400
28 3600

Border Earned:

29 3800
30 4000

Ability to lock forum threads and create your own custom title (pending approval).

Border Earned:

Rewards are automatic and you will receive an e-mail when you achieve them. Rewards are subject to change.