Dungeon Defenders II Closed Alpha Key Giveaway

Dungeon Defenders II Closed Alpha Key Giveaway

Dungeon Defenders II Closed Alpha Key Giveaway

The sequel to the global hit is here! With this Dungeon Defenders II Closed Alpha key, you'll get into the game's early access alpha and help shape the game's future. 

Check out what other gamers are saying about Dungeon Defenders II:

"DD2 expands on what made the original Dungeon Defenders great. A better loot system, more customization, and an overall more rewarding feeling that the original, and well beyond what most games offer. If you were a fan of the original DD, this is a must-have."
-ClearlyNotElvis (39.3 hrs on record)

"Yes yes yes. The game is great. Fans of the first game which is also good should enjoy this, and newcomers should as well."
-[DH] (JS45) Xafron Chi 444 (22.4 hrs on record)

About Dungeon Defenders II:
The Old Ones’ armies have invaded Etheria and it’s up to you and your friends to push them back! Create a team of heroes to take into battle. Then freeze, burn, and electrocute enemies with your deadly defenses or jump into the action yourself to finish them off! Play by yourself or with up to three friends in 4-player online co-op. 

Need help on the battlefield? Fuse and upgrade your loot in The Tavern, then level up your Heroes’ Defenses and Abilities with Skill Spheres!

Key Features
•    Unique Action Tower Defense gameplay.
•    Customize your hero with Armor, Relics, Weapons, Skill Spheres, and more.
•    Raise and evolve powerful pets.
•    Defend by yourself or play online with up to three friends.

Note: Dungeon Defenders II is currently in closed Alpha in Early Access. For more information read here.

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Lol luckly I got meh key :D


Thank you!








thanks : D

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