Dropzone Exclusive Alienware Pack Key Giveaway

Dropzone has gone Free-to-Play and to celebrate, we have an Alienware Arena exclusive Dropzone Alienware Pack for our community!

Included in the Alienware Pack are:

  • A custom Alienware in-game vision tower
  • 5,000 Jovians
  • 15 Gear Crates

About Dropzone:
Dropzone combines the thrill of head-to-head battles, multi-unit control and strategic map awareness found in core RTS-styled games with in-game Pilot leveling, diversified abilities, robust squad customization, and tactical action found in popular MOBA-styled games.  Players command and control a squad of three specialized and battle-forged mechs, known as “Rigs”, as they face off in explosive 15-minute battles to harvest Cores, a powerful energy source, from the deadly alien Kavash. Your primary goal is to upload Cores to the map’s central Uplink to score points. The player with the most points at the end of the 15 minute match wins. In case of a tie, the game goes into sudden death overtime and the first player to score wins.

  • Dropzone is an-all new PC gaming experience in development by Sparkypants Studios, including some of the creators behind the critically acclaimed, award-winning RTS hit Rise of Nations. 
  • Dropzone combines core RTS elements of strategy, map awareness and attention management with key MOBA mechanics including tactical positioning, unique abilities and in-game leveling.
  • Dropzone features intense gameplay - from competitive matches that run fifteen minutes in length to event driven scenarios that vary in time - with players piloting three separate Rigs.
  • Dropzone has four different classes of Rigs to choose from - including Tanks, Gunners, Mechanics and Summoners - with the possibility of more classes coming online in the future. Within each Rig Class are specialized Pilots with unique personalities and game-changing Ultimate Abilities.
  • Dropzone features a unique Gear system that allows players to outfit their Rigs with specialized Gear pieces prior to matches. This system gives players the ability to control and outfit their Rigs with specialized active and passive abilities to match their play styles.



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