Heavy Metal Machines Pilot Pack Key Giveaway

Heavy Metal Machines Pilot Pack Key Giveaway

The apocalypse is over and only Heavy Metal Machines remains. Welcome to a world of vehicular madness, mayhem and relentless destruction where you will put survival of the fittest to the test. You must decimate your enemies just to get by.

Claim this pilot pack to unleash death and destruction on your enemies. The pilot pack includes:

  • Wildfire Pilot
  • Artificer Pilot
  • One Skin for Artificer
  • One Skin for Wildfire
  • 3 days of XP Boost

About Heavy Metal Machines:
Heavy Metal Machines is a multiplayer versus, 4v4, car racing/destruction game. It is also a blend between old-school car destruction derby games, such as Rock N' Roll Racing, and the MOBA genre. However, we do not consider HMM a MOBA. There are no lanes, towers, or minions. It's fast paced, action packed while still keeping its depth, strategy, and a clear goal. In HMM, you'll battle against the enemy team to grab the bomb and deliver it to their base, while being chased to death by opponents who need to do just the same.


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Receiving a key feels great after what happened with the last two giveaways


Thank You Alienware :3


Thanks Alienware


Thanks :D


Thanks! :)




Thnak you dudes!




Uhm.. okay?



Schlüssel:% zugeordnetKey%"

Doesn't really look like a key... I guess you guys need to fix the translated version. 



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