Steel Circus Closed Alpha Test Key Giveaway

Collect your key to become one of the FIRST players in Steel Circus and help shape the its development alongside the dev team! 

Steel Circus is a futuristic multiplayer hero sports game developed by the Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Manhunt, and Dead Island veterans at Iron Mountain Interactive and published by global publisher Oasis Games, and will begin its Closed Alpha Test via Steam on February 15 at 6 AM PST. Servers will be open for 24 hours!

About Steel Circus:
Steel Circus is a competitive, multiplayer hero sports game set in a dystopian background in the year 2350. In this world, the solar system is worn down by decades of conflict and war and peace hangs by a thread. To promote peace and enhance communication among the most powerful factions, every year the Solar Council brings together representatives from each faction to discuss politics behind closed doors while heroes, referred to as “Champions” in-game, compete in front of roaring crowds to claim honor for their individual ethnic groups at the Steel Circus championships.

Control one of several heroes and compete in online multiplayer matches with the objective of scoring by shooting the ball into the opposing goal by any means. Each champion has a different skillset with two special skills. Characters range from support roles with buffs and heals to brawling powerhouses. Mastering these abilities is the difference between decent and great players. Since each power is designed around teamplay, strategic cooperation with partners is crucial to claiming the final victory.

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