Star Trek Online T1 Enterprise and R&D Packs Key Giveaway

Claim Your Exclusive Alienware R&D Boost Pack and Ship!

Your pack will unlock:

  • 2 Research and Development Pack
  • T1 Enterprise (Federation)

About Star Trek Online: Mirror of Discovery:
When the U.S.S. Discovery switched places with its Mirror Universe counterpart, it was believed that the I.S.S. Discovery was immediately destroyed over the planet Pahvo. The newest update in the Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery story arc will explore what really occurred before the I.S.S. Discovery was destroyed in 2256. Captains from all factions will visit the planet Pahvo in 2410 to find it surrounded by an ion storm. They won’t be alone for long, as a number of displaced time travelers will fly out of the storm – including Captain Sylvia “Killy” Tilly!  Explore the I.S.S. Discovery and the planet of Pahvo to witness the events which lead to the final fate of the legendary Terran starship!


  • 2 brand new episodes for all factions
  • Anniversary Event- Play the “Omega Molecule Stabilization” game to earn various rewards including the 9th Anniversary Prize Vouchers which can buy a T6 Vulcan Scout Ship as seen in Star Trek: Discovery.
    Battle at the Binary Stars becomes a standard TFO including Advanced and Elite versions.
  • Personal Endeavor System- As a new extension of the successful Endeavor System, players may now complete daily challenges unique to their account, to earn account-wide performance boosts in a huge variety of combat mechanics.
  • Discovery Terran themed “Emperors Lockbox” and Lobi store additions

How To Get Your Giveaway

  • 1. Create or log in to your Alienware Arena account.
  • 2. Click the "GET KEY" button.
  • 3. Go to and create a new account.
  • 4. After logging in, click the Arc logo at the top left of the Arc Client.
  • 5. Click “Redeem a Code” and enter your code.
  • 6. Launch the game and complete the Tutorial.
  • 7. Claim the item from the CStore in the “items” tab.