Attack of the Mutant Fishcrows Steam Game Key Giveaway

Attack of the Mutant Fishcrows Steam Game Key Giveaway

Survive the Chaotic World of Mutant Fishcrows!
Keys only available to Level 30+ members.

A fast paced action-platformer with flying fish that are swimming crows that are mutated half breeds of your nightmares! 


About Attack of the Mutant Fishcrows:
Step into this bizarre, dark & colourful world where the land has become hostile and dangerous. Chaos spreads and with each passing day the mutant fishcrow grow stronger.

In your adventure you'll create your character and fight your way through a chaotic world under attack. Run, jump, dodge, climb, swing, and swim your way through each area of the world. 

Every day that passes is another day the enemy will grow in their numbers.

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Oh, nO! 

(OᴥO)_ Don't Try This at Home! _(ᵔᴥᵔ)




Oh seriously, go to hell with these high level giveaways >_<



thanks AWA

AWAsome AlienWareArena!!!


OOF Level 30

Do you want some Yoghurt? Or maybe, you want to drink some Ayran with me?


Why such high requirement.................




A bit too high but thanks

Where I get most of my games: (Referral Link)


Thank you

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