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Where are the NEW games?

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You can't really call this an ACADEMY with only one game.  Even a BETA should have more that one game and be in polishing stages.  This is more of a "preschool pre-alpha" ..and these tips aren't even tips.  They're skills used in the genre.  Can we get some NEW games, more popular games, and more content?

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RinneHikka said:


Hes talking about the alienware academy.

what's alienware academy ?

you cant invent the wheel new but....
Games like are games be...
The most thing what come over me bevor i buy a game... 
I take a look what hardware i need, i see the prices of hardware and i stop thinking about.
If you realy want to enjoy a game with all his nice features you need to put alot of money into the hardware things and this is very boring. It is like i buy 2% from a game which is offering 100% and it get more and more worser.

Look at the unready games and take over  a look in the offered DLC things.... Like ARK it do.
The game is not ready but the DLC and the DLC comes not from the creators of the game it come from the mod community.
most ppl dont think about and trow the money out of the window and in the pokets of ppl they rule the world or Sozialmedia...

Since 2010 gaming is like a remix from a remix from a remix

It would be nice if the prices of hardware and gaming things are more ballanced,

10 FPS = 150 USD oh well no.....
I put this 150 into my family and have two wonderfull days


I dont want spread bad feels but the games and the gaming changes extremly to poor conditiones.

I wish that games come out and are rdy to use without need to patch it 1000 times and without stupid dlc nonsense. He offer the game we pay for it, if the creator wants to make changes it is not our behavior, we allready pay for the game and the creators must be happy that the game find his usage in the game world. They would ask you what you want to change ingame and after all they want money for this. :D