After-H VR Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

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VIP BETA opens North America: September 18, 7pm -11pm PST.
Europe: September 19, 9pm -1am GMT+1.

AFTER-H is a fast-paced FPS where players personify their soldiers from different factions fighting over the solar system’s resources. The game comes with a set of maps, three game modes, diverse weapons and skins for weapons and characters. Players can compete in PvP (up to 4 vs 4).

About AFTER-H:
Mars, 2080. Two human factions are fighting over key strategic points in the Solar System. Join the Martian battlefields and fight as the Alliance or the Rebels in a competitive fast-paced FPS. Gather your crew in Team Deathmatch mode to overtake a space ship crash site on Mars. Play solo against other players in a FFA match or take control of ancient artifacts playing Domination mode!

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