Minion Masters Zealous Inferno DLC Pack Key Giveaway

Get the New $15 Zealous Inferno DLC!

This is a great +300% value bundle of Empyrean cards, including the stalwart commander Caeleth Dawnhammer (Legendary!) and 2 exclusive Empyrean cosmetics. Zealous Inferno is the Faction Box for starting or expanding your Empyrean faction collection. 

Your Zealous Inferno DLC key will unlock:

  • 3x Caeleth Dawnhammer (Legendary)
  • 5x Sun Burn (Supreme)
  • 20x Banner Man
  • 40x Brother of the Burning Fist
  • 40x Legionnaires
  • 5x Power Tokens (Get 5 extra random surprises)
  • 1x exclusive Legendary Empyrean Avatar - Animated!
  • 1x exclusive Legendary Empyrean Emote - Animated!