Alienware x St Jude 2020 Campaign Recap

Hey Guys,

This is probably the most humbling blog post that I've ever had to write. If you're unaware, or recently just joined the community (welcome!), in May we were fundraising for St Jude PLAY LIVE.

If you haven't heard about St Jude and want to read more about this amazing charity, you can do so here.

Originally, I had the lofty goal of attempting to raise $10,000 during the entire month of May. At the time of creating this goal, COVID had just started and I knew this would be a long month of hard work with fundraising. I knew people needed to focus on taking care of their livelihoods and their families and I completely was prepared for this.

However, what I wasn't prepared for, was the extent of generosity that came in despite this. Even with such uncertainty and fear, you were even more generous with your donations than I ever imagined. You smashed our original goal in a day and a half.

They say hindsight is 20/20 (ironic), but honestly, at the end of the campaign, we ended up fundraising $66,030 for St Jude.

Let me put this in perspective for you how crazy this is to me.

I know I state it every year, but honestly and truthfully this community has exceeded all expectations and has made me so proud to be here with you.

At this point, we have now raised over $164,987.59 in the past six years for St Jude PLAY LIVE.

I asked you guys to give me a few of your favorite moments from this year's campaign and here are just a few examples:

  • We smashed our original goal of $10,000 in a day and a half.
  • In one day alone we raised over $7,000 for the charity.
    • The most we've ever done in a single day, by far.
  • I lost a piece of my soul from the amount of crying and screaming I did while playing Blair Witch.
  • Apparently, during Resident Evil 3, I was screaming "social distancing" at all the bosses when they would get too close.
  • We hosted the first digital tour of St Jude.
  • Building a Disney Castle from scratch in Minecraft, which then spiraled completely out of control.
  • Cosplaying as Joe Exotic while creating a Tiger Sanctuary in Planet Zoo
  • I hosted my first ever panel for the Digital St Jude PLAY LIVE Summit, which was featured on Front Page of Twitch.
  • The friends we made along the way when we played Animal Crossing, except Chops, may he forever rot on whatever island he's now living on.
  • Playing Man of Medan in co-op only to learn not to trust your friends.

We also ended up having the biggest prize season we've ever had. Asetek kindly donated an entire Alienware eco-system to the Top Donor at end of the campaign season.

We worked with over 26 partners, who all graciously donated game codes, physical prizes and so much more. You can see the full list on this page.

The Minecraft Castle Challenge Build

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the Alienware and smol squad, for being such amazing communities. You've helped us make a difference in a world that's currently plagued with uncertainty. You've not only saved lives, you've also changed them. You have certainly changed mine.

I have no idea what the heck I'm going to plan for next year, but just know, I've got some ideas.


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AMAZING NEWS! You did such a great job and it was for a great cause. 

The fundraiser was for a great cause. I personally donate $25 every month because I believe in ending childhood cancer. Please guys donate so that we can help end this horrible desease!!!!!

кому-то просто некуда девать свои деньги...indecision

It's a great effort. We support you in the future.