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m15 R3 issue with Jack Mic recording levels

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I am having an issue and decided to first time ask for help.
I have brand new AW m15 R3 and... problems with Jack port.
When I connect headphones/headset - everything is being discovered properly (4-pin jack, 3-pin jack).

But problem is with levels of Mic connected with my headset via Jack 3.5.
I am using typical phone headphones with mic, Apple ones, but everytime I need to almost have a mic module in my mouth to let others hear me.

I tried to change levels in that stupid Realtek Audio Console (Windows App), AWCC via Jack Mic section, but no matter how "100%" is my "100%" - I can not hear it.... When I place mic in my mouth I hear great!

When I am talking via build-in mic - there is no issue. When I am connecting just headphones it is okay.
Just "Jack Mic" is not working as it should :/ Is that an issue with port or something? What should I do :(

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Okay, I have discovered (after two days of "fight" and "tests"), that when I set a general VOLUME on connected headphones to 80-100%, then Mic is loud...
I usually have volume at lower levels, because I do not want to hear it that high - I have good ears ;)
But this is strange that general headphones volume is strongly related with Mic sensitivity - they are not independent :/