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AW 13 R2 locking up

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As per the title, it seems to be locking up several times a day.

No memory dumps, no mini dumps.  A few things in Event Viewer, but so far nothing solid.

Seemed to start after the last firmware update with enabled Intel SGX, but even with that disabled in the BIOS it's still locking up.

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EDIT:  I think I've narrowed it down to a power setting.

It seems to occur when the monitor shuts off - of note, the UHD 4k touch monitor (built in) died shortly after warranty expired, so I replaced it.  Wasn't to difficult at all, I've certainly seen worse.

So, at the moment, I suspect the built-in monitor.  Not entirely sure just yet how it would come in to play, but after enabling a screen saver but NEVER shut off the monitor - no more lock ups.


The Doctor
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Interesting, have you tried power management options? there seems to be a wake up password option 

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Thanks, yes, I have been alllll over power management.  I had success with disabling the monitor power-off, screen saver only, which saw the longest uptime since roughly December - close to a week of uptime.  Then another lockup when I closed the lid (which shuts off the screen).

It seems that, for whatever reason, when power management shuts of the display, it locks up, hard.  Remote access fails, pings fail.


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I'm glad I found your post. 


I've been having the exact some issues with mine for several months. Seems to lock up when it has been idle for a while. Keyboard stays lit, laptop stays warm but is otherwise unresponsive. Have to press and hold the power button for a hard shutdown and then it restarts with no problems.


I have disabled the turn the monitor off option, and set up a blank screen saver instead. Hopefully that will fix the issue!





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Disabling LCD power-off has been working fine for me, except that it's no longer a laptop :(  Can't really travel with it and use it as a laptop, which is disappointing.

Even today, the size & form factor work very well for me.  USB 3 & Thunderbolt don't suck, and I'd loose plans on replacing my desktop completely by adding an external GPU via Alienware Graphics Adapter.  I've recently upgraded with a Samsung 980 EVO, which has realized a healthy performance boost.  The keyboard is wearing VERY well, considering how much it's used.  Virtually no wear at all.  I find the touchpad a bit unpredictable, solved with an external mouse, but otherwise has also worn well considering the years & miles.

Of note - the assembly I replaced was part # JW01.  Also denoted as LQ133Z1JW23 that fits LQ133Z1JW01.  This is a Sharp touchscreen w/digitizer, QHD+ (3200 x 1800).  I gambled on eBay, however the assembly I received did seem to check out - identical stickers and identifying marks.  I replaced it because the backlight completely failed on the previous display.  I think, by now, what with the display never 'off' (except to reboot), I've probably 2x to 3x the hours on the replacement, and it's holding up well (aside from locking up if the lid is closed or the display otherwise shuts off).

I'm considering on ordering a FHD (no touch screen) instead - I believe the connector / cable is the same, and 4K on a 13.3" screen is a bit of a waste anyway, so if downgrading gets me a few more years, so be it.  I rarely use touch, so won't miss that, although it is a nice-to-have.

@Impact619 - do we have the same display - JW01?  I'd be interested in hearing your specs / specific model features to compare.  You might have to find the specs with your Dell service tag on a Dell support site.  For me that's but your region may be different.

EDIT:  I recently tried a fresh Win10 install; same issue - the OS locks up tight if the lid is closed or the display has shut off.  I've also re-flashed the BIOS 2x.

EDIT:  got a mobo & and an M.2 circuit board en route, so we'll see if one of those clears it all up.  Recently discovered that the secondary M.2 connector randomly will fail to detect the drive - I've swapped out several, so I'm confident it's not the drive itself...