Celebrating International Women's Day with our favorite female video game characters

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We're celebrating International Women's Day by recounting our favorite female characters from the games we love. I talked with people from across all of Alienware about their favorite female characters and what really made them stand out, whether that was playing as them or encountering them in the world.

From the moving voice acting, or a super fun ability or stun, we're tipping our hats to the characters and games that stuck with us, even years later. 

RxySurfChic/Anna Maree Manciet - Ellie, Uncharted, and Elena Fisher, Last of Us
Despite the world Ellie was born into, she's still a fighter and stays true to who she is and loyal to those she loves.

Elena because she's smart, witty and independent. She was the first female character in a game that I saw that really stood up for herself and didn't need "saving". I liked that she had aspirations and dreams, but she also was caring and could give a really good one liner back to Nathan.

Katlyn Ludwig, Alienware Influencer Relations - Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield, Resident Evil
I love Jill's personality and attitude. She has a very protective nature and is always trusting when she meets new people (almost to a fault) but is still super independent. Throughout her role in the game, she is always weighing her actions against the risks towards others.

Claire is great at solving problems and handling pressure. She is independent, quick on her feet, and always thinks through obstacles or challenges objectively. 

Umar Khan, Alienware Advanced Experience Planner -  Female Commander Shepherd, Mass Effect 3 
The female version of Commander Shepherd was a really powerful character, even more than the male Commander Shepherd. The voice actress was incredible and her line delivery was great. She did an amazing job of conveying that her character's main drive was putting the safety of existence ahead of everything else. The female Commander Shepherd really embodied that heroic nature in the game and it was clear she would do whatever it took to save all of existence. 

iJess/Jessica Domain, Alienware Arena Admin - Ciri, The Witcher III
She had a difficult childhood growing up but progressed through those challenges. Instead of letting her difficulties define her, she grew into a strong woman.

Lisa Matrasko, Marketing Communications - Lara Croft, Tomb Raider series
She's smart, she's good under pressure, she's athletic and agile. She also cares deeply about her friends. In short, she's a total badass! 

Marcie Holt, Alienware Experiential Marketing Manager - Morgana, League of Legends
I love how strong she is and if someone is chasing her she can just turn around dark bind (stun) them and cast a cursed shadow under them to deliver a lot of magic damage. It makes me laugh every time. 

SpaceCase522/Ernie Gonzales, Alienware Product Specialist - Junior Constable Cactus, Assault Android Cactus
Nothing stronger than young women heroes mowing down Robot hordes. :D

Leah Koons, Alienware North America Marketing - Ciri, The Witcher III
I love that she's powerful in her own right. I really glad that CD Projekt Red didn't romanticize her character.  

Winnie Wong, Partnership Manager - Player Character, Diablo III 
That's a tough one. Right now it's my Female demon hunter I'm playing on Diablo III. Why? I'm fast, powerful, I can attack most enemies from a distance, and summon my companion to kill for me. ;)

Edana_TV/Amy Schlueter, Alienware Community Lead - Queen Ayrenn, The Elder Scrolls Online
If you've ever played through the Dominion questline, you'll know that Ayrenn has captured the hearts and minds of many in the alliance. While I'm a Pact player myself, what I love about Ayrenn is her devotion and loyalty to the people of the Dominion and beyond. She has a clear vision of a united alliance and Tamriel, and while still a flawed character, her compassion for others and drive to see things through the right way instead of the easy way makes it easy to rally behind her as Empress.


Now it's your turn! Who's your favorite female character and what about them really stuck with you? Give us your favorites and recommendations in the comments below. 

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The first two are not as famous as most of the characters in the list, but I'd say my favorite female characters would be Shelly Harrison from Bombshell and Ion Fury (she's pretty much saving the world on her own), Molly Pop from Bunker Punks (she's pretty much igniting a revolution against a corrupt regime on her own) and Kassandra from Assassin's Creed Odyssey (there are no limits for her badassery).

Edit: I've just realized that I've made the unforgivable mistake of not including Alyx on the list (HL series). She's also fighting to save the world (and her family) and anyone who's played Half-Life 2 onwards knows she's a badass.


Not (only) for the outfit, I would say Rayne in BloodRayne. :lol:

2B from Nier:Automata - that was emotional roller coaster and she was at the center of it 80% of the time

Dusa from Hades - just awwwww

All demons from Helltaker - their appearance may be short, but all are hillarious in their own way

Razmi from Indivisible - she is the best both characterwise and gameplaywise. But it is simply impossible to not have her in party all the time, her comments are gold

Vinty from Without Within - very weird and funny character that kind of matured during 3 games.

Alma, Dorothy, Jill from VA-11 Hall-A - it's all storytelling and characters, it cannot be described in few words

Kyuu from Humanity Must Perish - her world views almost perfectly alligned with my own

Amelia_Negri said:

Only Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn!

Is it because she is a redhead and I see a lot of redhead appreciation in you? ^^'


Moxxxi from Borderlands 1-3, she has a great sence of humor, great personality, and tells it as it is

Gaige from Borderlands 2 ... badassery at it's best ^^ and Samus from the Metroid Series ... a real all time classic. Both accompanied me for a long time.