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Which game scared you, first time in your life?

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As it goes by, it doesn't necessarily need to be horror to scare you, intense moments and difficult runs also perform same. My first game i got terrified was Prince if Persia: Warrior Within, during tge Dahaka chases, the background, and everything becomes so intense that is shakes me. What's yours....

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For me, I guess it was Contra 3, for Super Nintendo. That's not an horror game but the first boss did scare me a lot xD I was a fearful child

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Resident Evil 3

My brother got it as a gift almost 20 years ago and seeing Nemisis crash through walls as a jump scare got me good in my younger years. Prior to that, I don't think I really played anything intense yet (some of those Boulder levels in crash bandicoot maybe) but Nemesis I probably lost sleep over back then. Wouldn't touch the series myself until last year as a result. Needless to say, glad I'm a fan of the series now. I will go back and beat the RE3 soon.

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Outlast 2. It was so terrifying!! Espeically at the end!! 


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Probably the first FNAF. I think it was my 9th birthday and around that time the first FNAF was released and my older brother dared me to play it since it was "cool" so I acquiesced. We laughed together and I acted casual but the second I could pry myself away, I cried in the bathroom because I thought it was real. I was a pretty dumb kid. 

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resident evil 2, back when i was a kid ~  my childhood friend plays it all the gime and i was watching him .. i always ask him to play other games cuz ( i never told him ofcourse) i was scared of that game .. lol

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The castlevania 2 on gameboy. and resident evil 1 on the psx