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Christmas Gaming Gifts

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What games were you gifted, or what games did you gift yourself this year ? 
Do you also have any fond memories of getting certain games in the past ? 
I finally got around to buying Red Dead Redemption 2. 

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If only I owned a Tardis.....
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I "gifted" myself a several games from the EPIC site. I was surprised at the number of quality games that were free. And while I already own many of them, there were a few I definitely put off buying because of other things I needed. The "gifts" for my son were some games for PS4, that I actually like as well - I know he'll let me play them. Eventually, we'll own a PS5, but probably right before PS6. In case there are a few calling me a traitor - I have a current inventory of 1168 games through game sites, and a couple hundred hard copies of other games - I really do love to game and can't wait until retirement in the next couple of years, so I can game all night long like the old college days when we played D&D 1st edition all night long. 



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We gifted our daughter : Calico and Behind The Frame: The Finest Scenery on Steam and then gifted our friend : Biomutant on Steam.