'Gotham Knights' Enters the Fight in October 2022

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WB Games Montreal took a page from Guerilla's playbook and delayed Gotham Knights to "deliver the best possible experience for players." The game is delayed from a May 2022 launch to October 25th, 2022.

With the new Batman movie released, interest in Batman and DC comics has seen an uptick from newcomer fans. We'll see if this enthusiasm carries over to the Gotham Knights' fall release.

Here's everything we know about the latest DC Comics videogame installation.


The story begins where one ends with Batman (allegedly) dying in a Batcave explosion. (I say 'allegedly' because I have the creeping suspicion Batman will make an appearance in this game... but don't take my word for it.) Commissioner Jim Gordon's death (pre-game events) has soured GCPD to vigilante work, and series-classic villains like Penguin and Mr. Freeze have thrived in the power vacuum left by the absence of Batman. Gotham's safety lies in the hands of Batman's protegees:

  • Batgirl
  • Robin
  • Redhood
  • Nightwing

Bruce Wayne has left the group the Belfry as a base of operations, a vigilante lair in the heart of Gotham. The formidable four will have to retake the boroughs of Gotham and face a new foe: the Court of Owls. The Court serves as the underground de-facto leaders of Gotham and consists of Gotham's uber-elite wearing Venetian owl masks. Their group uses volatile assassins called Talons to keep their control on the city. (Here's a game trailer reveal of the Court.)

It's good to note that Gotham Knights is not set in the Arkham game universe.


There's a decent amount to cover, so I'll summarize the biggest takeaways. Here's an official gameplay walkthrough for those interested in more details.

Leveling and World Navigation

  • Leveling is key in this game. For one, the world will be open for players to explore without worry of level-gating or overpowered enemies. The game will scale difficulty based on the player's level, so Villain Encounters (boss fights) will employ different move sets and stats based on player experience. The four characters will also share level progression, so they'll all scale up as the players advance, even when they're not being used. This will help players keep their hero choice flexible and help heroes remain viable picks throughout any stage of the game.
  • Players will have access to different leveling/ability trees for each of the four heroes. This will allow players to really customize their playstyle, especially in-tandem with gear selection and crafting.
  • The game's playtime is separated into day and night: during the day, players will be in the Belfry-- they'll be able to analyze clues, upgrade gear, and chat with Alfred while at the home base. When night rolls through Gotham, the heroes will hit the streets and fight crime.


  • Can't leave the Belfry without being dripped out. Players will be able to handle their gear via upgrading and crafting (thus changing their playstyle) while also separately maintaining the visuals. (Cue this classic line.)


  • Everything is better shared, right? Gotham Knights boasts a promising co-op system that has secondary players enter in and out of sessions seamlessly. Players will be able to play the same heroes simultaneously because the only thing better than one Batgirl is two Batgirls.
  • The co-op features of Gotham Knights are untethered, meaning players can navigate completely different parts of Gotham during the same session.

What are your thoughts on the newest Batman game installation? Will you be picking up Gotham Knights in the fall

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Enjoys a Good Drink
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Have not tried a super hero game yet, this looks good and promising. 

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Well let's see... may be a good one, but not sure at the moment.