Alienware CES Mega Post 2019
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 New Gaming News Forum Rules
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 Red Dead Redemption 2 characters Susan Grimshaw, Molly O’Shea, Micah Bell, others teased
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 In May, new character will be added to the Dragon Ball Fighterz Game!
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 Monster Hunter World Event Schedule through May
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 Fly Like a Bird - AlienFX Coming Soon to Feather!
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 Resident Evil 3 Remake gets teased
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 The Apex Legends Soundtrack Will Be Available Digitally Tomorrow
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 Assassin’s Creed Unity could help rebuild Notre Dame
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 South Korean Antitrust Regulator to Investigate Gaming Companies for In-game Transactions
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 The Witcher Netflix Series will be released in late 2019
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 World of Goo has been Updated for the next Epic Giveaway
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 Halo: The Master Chief Collection testing for PC could be delayed
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 The video game series METAL MAX will have a new game!
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 Widespread Cheating in the $30 million Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers
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 Microtransactions in gaming are a direct influence for the crime rate declining in major countries
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 Monster Hunter World meets The Witcher on PC
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 Elder Scrolls Blades is finally out
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 When Prince Harry wants the game Fortnite banned.
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 Mortal Kombat 11 confirmed to have microtransactions
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 Cyberpunk 2077 will have in-game ads for "services of the dark future"
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 New Overwatch Archives Event Storm Rising kicks off a FREE trial Week - Updated
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 Upcoming release 2019 Greedfall : developer team from spiders games.
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 Professional Fortnite Player Caught Using Map Hack after Cheat Maker Turns Snitch
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