Honestly, what is going on with this website. It looks and feels like something I cobbled together with my basic knowledge in school in the early 2000s, completely out of time. On top of that, nothing ever works properly. Is there a single guy working on this in his free time? Just weird that Dell doesn't have more money for this considering how expensive Alienware stuff is.
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03.04.2024 15:29:27 - Reiatsu -
03.04.2024 16:57:27 - Boomdaddy -
This Feed thing is bullshit
03.04.2024 17:19:42 - iGnome -
I agreed with happy, but it also supports the fact it lacks appropriate emoji for agree/disagree...
03.04.2024 21:58:48 - bmurray75 -
Allow Grandpa Simpson to provide an answer:
03.05.2024 11:47:50 - maramire -
Hell, you are lucky to be able to make a comment. When I try and post something, it tells me I need a code.
03.05.2024 14:24:02 - NodOff -
Completely agree. It's like they are purposefully ignoring every example of proper UX out there.