It would be nice to see older but popular games added to the game valut list!
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05.09.2024 10:11:00 - StompsDaWombat -
They occasionally work one in here or there but, yeah, it'd be great to see that happen more often. No Man's Sky wasn't exactly a new release and it still sold out in a heartbeat, so there's clearly some interest in notable older titles.
05.09.2024 10:43:06 - anonumos -
(3) The vault who sold NMS opened on March 22. Forgot to add this information.
05.10.2024 06:35:11 - NightLizard -
im saving my arp to games which are worth it tbh, i didnt redeem a single game until now :)
05.10.2024 17:51:53 - Stranger15 -
I prefer older games too. Nostalgia aside, older games were usually passion projects and the dev teams behind them loved what they were creating and were given time to bring their artistic vision into fruition.
05.10.2024 17:57:41 - Stranger15 -
Now, new games are either rushed nothing-burgers put in shiny wrappers hastily expelled by teams of rushed, unpaid, overstressed devs, or the lovechilds of entitled inexperienced political activists put on the helm of milliondollar projects
05.10.2024 18:03:55 - Stranger15 -
I miss the time of the Bioshocks, Vamprie the Masquarade Bloodlines, the Dragon Ages, The Silent Hills, the Devil May Crys, the time where writing, visual exposition, fun gameplay and storytelling were at their peak.
05.10.2024 18:08:23 - Stranger15 -
I decided to upgrade my outdated computer after 10 years to be able to play more games, and I still find myself returning to Fallout 3, Stalker Anomaly and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic because I do not find the new releases interesting:)