Ragequit champ 1993

Choose you own game, I chose Warframe.
Played a while and went out.
Came back and tried to start the Warframe weekly quest, but Alienware is sure I don't own the game.
Already unliked Steam and re-linked, no change.
Any ideas?
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02.26.2024 05:03:24 - emailmeintrash -
same issue here
02.26.2024 05:44:49 - CitizenXLVIII -
I had this issue several times after the site revamp. It always resolved itself somehow after a few hours or by the next day. 🤷‍♂️
02.26.2024 09:31:42 - noanonimo -
Same problem here with another game in Steam's library. Hummm... also re-link my account doesn't made a difference.
02.26.2024 10:22:19 - monknl -
It always needs some time to before your playtime is registered. Just log in later and then it most likely will say completed.
02.26.2024 15:44:00 - dwolvin -
@monkni It's not that- it is saying I don't have the game even though I play (basically) daily.
02.26.2024 20:21:42 - Kokuei -
I lost the sync on my account as well. I not going to bother with messing with it until the artifact gets unlocked and then I will look into it again.
02.26.2024 20:29:02 - CitizenXLVIII -
Sure enough, when I checked today, I was able to start the Warframe quest. No idea what causes the delay, but I didn't do anything between when I checked last night and today.
02.27.2024 05:29:58 - dwolvin -
@CitizenXLVIII Agreed, looks to be fixed now.
02.28.2024 02:00:48 - lueckyme -
I had the same problem with last week's free to play game. Quest page wouldn't recognize that I owned the game at all and completely missed out on the ARP. This week, it actually shows I own Warframe, trying to play tonight.