Did anyone else notice that today's login rewards shows 28 day login?
On the calendar it is the same reward as the 11 day reward but has the wrong description....
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02.11.2024 10:34:05 - YorgunOyuncu -
There is no false description, it tells you where the reward came from
02.11.2024 11:19:58 - maramire -
This whole site is screwy since the revamped it. In my opinion, it is the worst thing they could have done.
02.12.2024 06:18:06 - MSWII -
Nope, Definitely a bug because it still shows 28-day reward today also...(Should be 12-day today) and the reward amount matches the calendar for Day 12
02.12.2024 10:50:24 - ❤ めぐ ☕ みん ❤ -
Hmm... I mean, you questioned about 28-Day Reward but never the 7-Day Reward, that name keeps the same as yesterday and today right? Those are just names to tell you where you get them like @YorgunOyuncu said
02.12.2024 10:51:38 - ❤ めぐ ☕ みん ❤ -
In other words, Login Streak Reward & Monthly Calendar Reward (if you don't want any number to show up and only letters), don't know what will be more easier/simpler for people to know which one is which one, with numbers or with text only.
02.12.2024 14:05:05 - MSWII -
Prior to yesterday, the description/title for the rewards corresponded to the correct day on the calendar and weeks...Now the monthly one doesn't show the number of days you have logged in, just 28-day which is not how it used to be (prior