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What's everyone playing this weekend?? I know what I'll be playing (While also playing Fallout Shelter for our event 😉)
Valheim Ashlands
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05.24.2024 18:30:21 - Pylawn -
@anonumos The hours I put into rollercoaster tycoon 2... the number of lives I took in that game...
05.24.2024 19:11:56 - vicmac -
any of us will be playing No rest for the wicked for sure...
05.24.2024 19:23:01 - Thalatash -
I've been hooked on Delta V: Rings of Saturn and I'm not sure why. My wife said, "It's the loneliest game I've ever seen." and she's kind of right. It's relaxing but can be so frustrating at times.
05.25.2024 03:32:17 - kovec -
Went down that rabbit hole that is modding Bethesda games and started FO4 again after rolling back the version to pre-TV show. Also some random games from the Build your own Nexus Fanatical bundle.
05.25.2024 19:05:09 - StompsDaWombat -
I'll be playing more Fallout Shelter (I may need to start over now that I know the systems better), but I also want to dig into Abiotic Factor. And I might check out XDefiant, though I may not care enough to deal with Ubisoft's launcher.