2 and a half alien

Hello, Where the hell did they hide the link to the forums? I still have access to them because I have the URL of some posts I visited in the past saved in my history, but I searched everywhere in the redesigned menu and I can't see any link to the forums...
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02.17.2024 11:30:53 - bzhknight -
on the relay page, you can click on "awa information" on left column, itll bring you to
02.17.2024 12:13:36 - PCR -
Thanks, at least that's a link, but that's really convoluted :s
02.17.2024 15:58:06 - sergiorodrigues -
damn annoying
02.17.2024 17:22:32 - TurdFerguson87 -
I just use bookmarks.