Weekly Digest 3/16/17

Weekly Digest 3/16/17


Howdy folks.  I missed last week's Digest.  I apologize for that.  Other priorities took over and I wasn't able to get it out in time.  But that's ok, I've added a few more entries from that week here.  Anyway, what's up in the news this week?


Will Destiny 2 come to PC? Here's everything we know so far, and what we want if it does

Oh boy do I hope so.  Destiny was one of my favorite games on console.  To be able to play it on a PC would be a dream come true.  


LOL developer Riot Games wins $10 million lawsuit and squashes LeagueSharp

Cheaters never prosper.  Also, they go broke.  


The closed beta for LawBreakers begins March 16 and you can sign up now

We hosted the Alpha keys here. For the first round of Beta keys, you need to sign up on Lawbreakers site. (but I have caught wind that we might get keys for the second round).  


Search for bugs for Rockstar and they`ll pay you hundreds of dollars

THEY'VE ALREADY PAID OUT $90,000!!!! Ok, time to start bug hunting.  


Season 1 - Week 5 Results

Check out the latest winners for our Fantasy League and join in on the action while you're there.  


Halo Wars 2 Free PC Demo Out Now, Here's How To Download It

A lot of PC players weren't able to play the first Halo RTS.  Now's the time to give the new game a try.  


The Elder Scrolls 6

"We're working on it".  That's about it.  


Left Behind Update for Dead by Daylight

A very cool update added our favorite L4D Vet.  



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The Elder Scolls 6.... O.o news of the week for me! 

thanks for Skyrim  :D


This week news kept occupied, so much research and testing! Keep them coming!


Destiny is one of my favorite games on console too. Would be awesome to have it on PC!


oh. thx for heads up on halo wars 2 demo




Bill DLC for Dead by Daylight awesome. Now my dear Andromeda and then ES 6 give me sense to live coz I'm almost over the limit...





All news in one, nice



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Weekly Digest 3/16/17

A weekly round-up of the most popular news submitted by the community.
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