Codename Gordon and other games hidden on Steam

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Codename Gordon is not HL3 but a fun game in its own right and there's nothing wrong with free.

Then we have of course the notorious Spacewar, a port of the first computer game which is now used to run illegal game copies on Steam.

In fact, there's a whole slew of games free to download if you're interested:

Age of Empires online {Servers down} steam://install/105430
Arcane Saga Online steam://install/238110
Arctic Combat steam://install/212370
Arma 2:free version steam://install/107400
Battle for Graxia steam://install/90530
Brawl Busters steam://install/109410
Bullet Run steam://install/211880
Codename Gordon steam://install/92
District 187 steam://install/221080
Dungeon Fighter Online steam://install/212220
F.E.A.R. Online {Servers down} steam://install/223650
Fnaf world steam://install/427920
Haunted Memories steam://install/241640
Maple Story(US-version) steam://install/216150
Pandora Saga steam://install/106010
Renaissance Heroes steam://install/221790
Rusty Hearts steam://install/36630
Spacewar steam://install/480
TERA steam://install/389300
TERA EU steam://install/323370
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes F2P steam://install/218210
Wizardry Online steam://install/221360


Steam Region Lock Games or removed from steam list (all F2P)

Bullet Run
Dirty Bomb
Dragon Nest
Arctic Combat
Metro Conflict
F.E.A.R. Online
Brick-Force (US)
Fiesta Online NA
Atlantica Online
Sin of a Dark Age
DC Universe Online
Arcane Saga Online
Chaos Heroes Online
Quantum Rush Online
Rise of Incarnates
Dragon's Prophet (EU)
Age of Empires Online
Dead Island: Epidemic
Dungeon Fighter Online
Zombies Monsters Robots
Heroes and Titans: Online
Ragnarok Online - Free to Play - European Version


How to install the goodies? Your Steam client has to be online. Open Firefox, Chrome doesn't work and type in the address bar without 'http':

steam://install/XXXXXX where XXXXXX is the AppID of the game, e.g. steam://install/92 will open the Steam Bootstrapper in your client and if you give the o.k. it will begin to download the game.

At the moment I'm downloading TERA from Steam which is still sold on Amazon for $22.90

So happy downloading keep the Steam servers busy.

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Thanks for the list. 

I used to play a lot of TERA with a friend, but the severs got pretty laggy, so we kind of just stopped. :/


Thanks a lot for the nice list ! :)


All worked for me except 2 from the region lock/removed ones.

What does "servers down" mean? (Well, except for the fact that the servers are down.) Is the game unplayable?

Kuang Grade Mark Eleven
duflowski said:

What does "servers down" mean? (Well, except for the fact that the servers are down.) Is the game unplayable?

In case of multiplayer only titles "servers down"="game is officially dead"="if there's a group of dedicated players there might still be a chance they set up unofficial servers (search engine?)"


FEAR online, omg, I don't even know there is this title.