Hitman is free from tomorrow and will stay in your collection

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Hear, hear - The Hitman will be free from tomorrow, 15 December ... somewhat. You will be able to download the game for free and it will stay forever in your collection, which will not be a whole game but its first two missions. However, before you hang me for clickbait, it should be said that besides these missions comes plenty of additional content.

Namely, in free Hitman except ICA Facility and Paris, you will receive 20 Escalation Tasks, an additional Holiday Hoarders mission, a Vampire Magician Challenge Pack DLC, a Secret Santa Challenge Pack then access to Elusive Target missions in Paris.

The offer will be valid for all platforms - PC, PS4 and XBOX, and will last until the first week of January or 2018.

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Nice Steam,really nice! But its only first episode,so we dont have cards!

Achi Baba
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Wow, nice. With all DLC or what or how it even works i don't know. But whatever, cool :D

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I hope they also offer a discount for the full game, so people who enjoyed it can purchase it immediately after trying it out

Abandon All Hope
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Only 2 missions available not a full game ( Still great news for me as a Hitman veteran ) Most of all I will buy it all missions on the WS.

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Glad people will be able to try Paris for free now. I always thought using the tutorial levels as the free demo was maybe a bad move. They don't display what's great about Hitman as well as the big levels.

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ok, so its a glorified demo.  I'll Pass.  Thanks 4 sharing though