Check out what brings operation Para Bellum, a new expansion for Rainbow Six Siege

Check out what brings operation Para Bellum, a new expansion for Rainbow Six Siege

Next month, more precisely on June 5, Rainbow Six Siege will receive another expansion. As previously revealed, it will be called Operation Para Bellum, and among other things will bring us two new operators and a fresh new map. Ubisoft has now demonstrated these contents, so let's see what's really waiting for us.

Two new operators are Alibi and Maestro. Alibi is a member of the Italian unit Gruppo Intervento Speciale and hers unique gadget is a hologram bait. Namely, with so called prism Alibi can create her twin, and if the enemy hits her or passes through, Alibi temporarily finds out his location. Alibi can use Mx4 Storm, shotgun ACS12 and revolvers Baliff 410 and Keratos .357.

Maestro on the other hand is an aggressor wearing the machine gun Alda 5.56. His ability is the camera Evil Eye that shoots lasers. Perhaps it sounds powerful, but its not so deadly it is designed to interfere with opponents and delay point capturing. The camera is manually operated and is resistant to most damage until it shoots lasers.

The new map is the Villa that Ubisoft calls the most competitive map so far. The villa has a mixture of narrow spaces and long corridors, a pile of criss-crossing walls and a yard where you can at least enjoy the beautiful scenery for a short while.

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Love the name

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I know that many will be looking forward to this! The environment is gorgeous, if not looking a bit too friendly but crazy.









hmmmm might have to come back to r6....


At least the reign of Lion is over!

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Very Good !!!

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Starting next month, Rainbow Six Siege will receive operation Para Bellum and with it a new map and two additional operators.

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