Cyberpunk 2077 will have in-game ads for "services of the dark future"

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CD Projekt Red is committed to creating a gritty & mature cyberpunk world in their upcoming RPG and a big part of creating a believable futuristic world is nailing the ads that will be displayed in-game (just think of the Blade Runner movies if you want the get the picture for what CDPR is going for).

A new job listing on CDPR's site suggests they need an In-game Ads Illustrator to bring the ads to life. The job is full-time meaning there's quite a bit of work to be done in this department. You can read more about the job below:

Job Description

Our In-game Ads Team is looking for an Illustrator to bolster their ranks and make CD PROJEKT RED’s vision of cyberpunk even more fascinating. As an In-game Ads Illustrator, you’ll take part in creating ads for an array of consumer services of the dark future — from paramilitary medical care, to guns, to fast moving consumer goods and cyberware! 

Daily responsibilities:

  • Delivering in-game assets responding to the futuristic Cyberpunk style.
  • Creating high-quality digital painting illustrations based on briefs and/or sketches provided by the concept team.
  • Creating simple sketches and graphics as bases for other team members’ work (overpaints, mood boards, compositions, simple design work).
  • Following guidelines and maintaining a coherent style.
  • Collaborating with other members of the team to provide the best possible quality for the task.
  • Participating in meetings, brainstorming ideas, pitching concepts and responding to feedback.
  • Maintaining the production pipeline and meeting deadlines.

 It is nice to see CDPR are putting a lot of effort in creating Cyberpunk 2077 to the best of their abilities.

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Everyone knows Taco Bell won the franchise war! It's the only restaurant of the future.


(Demolition Man reference in case you missed it)

This just means the game is still in the works. Release date won't be coming anytime soon :(

This game is going to get ahh lot of attention when it is on the market.

Oh god if this game will be on Epic store i'll be killing myself

ZalManTM said:

Oh god if this game will be on Epic store i'll be killing myself

Just buy it on GOG.