The presentation of Bethesda in brief

The presentation of Bethesda in brief

- TES Blades release today
- TES Blades in the fall comes out on the Nintendo Switch
- Free week in Fallout 76 from 10 to 17 June
- a battle royal for 52 people appeared in Fallout 76 Nuclear Nuclear
- New major Wastelanders update in Fallout 76 adding NPC
- Ghostwire Tokyo announcement - horror with elements of survival from the authors of The Evil Within series
- Studio Arkane announced its new project - Deathloop
- A new addition to "Rising Ghosts" for Rage 2
- announced a cartoon mobile game Commander Keen
- The Elder Scrolls Online add-on: Elsweyr
- supplement Moons of Elsweyr for The Elder Scrolls: Legends
- Bethesda showed its Orion technology for cloud streaming, designed to reduce the delay to a minimum
- DOOM Eternal release date announced - November 22, 2019


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Very nice idea <3


It was so boring and lame....


Bethesda are dead


It was so boring


*Excited Khajit noise intencifying*


lol :D






You just read this for no reason


i expected more



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The presentation of Bethesda

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