Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Update 1.37 preview

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In an earlier article,  I already talked about what SCS Software is going to bring us with update 1.37. The main focus is going to be the sounds in the game. Because of their new sound engine, FMOD, we will hear a lot of things differently starting from the next update. 

But of course, that is not going to be the only change that they are going to present. Next to a complete sound overhaul, a small part of their team is working on another overhaul. Namely big parts of France (Viva La France DLC) are getting a new coat. SCS Software already made a lot of changes like f.e. in Germany. We're talking about the cities Metz, Reims, Strassbourg and Dijon which will get a revamp. 

Newer vegetation models are going to replace the older models, some buildings are going to be replaced with other building models and also some of the terrain materials are getting an overhaul. In a later stage, we will write an article about how this is all done within the developers' team. How and what they use and how many different teams within the company are needed to come with a fully worked out design.

A couple of months ago, there was an open vacancy within SCS Software. They were looking for a person who had a lot of knowledge about traffic- signs, and situations within most of Europe. Apparently they found the employee they were looking for because in update 1.37 we will also see new and better traffic signs and improved traffic situations. Most importantly, the traffic signs will match way better with environmental situations. The developers are also working on new and better intersections which will look more like the real thing.

Go to this link to see some changes.

This is probably the first out of a few developing updates I'm going to write. Each time something new is known, I'll keep the fans here updated as well. News and developing updates coming out doesn't mean that an update is coming soon. SCS Software already let us know that this version 1.37 is planned at the end of the first half of 2020. The updates they give us, the community, are a wonderful sign of how much they care about their community/player base. It's always nice for a true fan to know what the developers are working on. 

If you want to know more about Euro Truck Simulation 2, you have to go to their official website

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