Here's the scoop about the POE promotion

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So we have had a lot of new people on the site the last 5 days. Welcome to all of you. Let me just throw in a quick pitch real quick [cracks knuckles], Alienware Arena has been around for 10 years and over that time we've given away millions of codes for thousands of games. Using AWA is absolutely free and we basically just award members for hanging out with us and enjoying video games. You can't buy anything on this site and we try as hard as possible not to sell anything directly to you (though you will see some ads from Alienware products, we got to make a living somehow). On top of free games, we also have a rich loyalty system which rewards members the longer they are here with merchandise, Dell Rewards and more. So, stick around, you might find that leveling up will help you snag that next game you hear about.  

Ok, I'm done pitching to you. We noticed pretty quickly that POE has an extremely passionate fan base. You guys love that game and it shows. We truly wish we could have given every single person the item they came for but that was not a possibility we could control.  

We worked directly with GGG to come up with a plan that would reward both POE players and AWA members with the limited quantity of codes we could distribute. This was not an unlimited item. Even game economies have to be maintained with scarcity or its not really an economy.  

We were given 30k Arcane Horn codes and 10k Arcane Helmets. We were warned that your community was gonna want these items and would claim them quickly and we're also expected to make sure our veteran AWA members would have a chance to get these codes too. So the plan agreed upon between both AWA and GGG was this:  

20k Arcane Horns were set aside for strictly the POE community. Using the referral page setup with GGG and linked from, the first 20k members would get a code. You guys claimed all 20k within 12 hours. 

10k Arcane Horns were to be gated to level 5 and higher. This would give veteran AWA members a chance to grab them before all the new POE members that just came in could take those too.  As of right now, there are still a couple thousand left. 

10K Arcane Helmets were given to us and we all decided that both communities would get an equal shot at them but that we would try to limit the demand by making people work a bit for them, IE, login 4 days in a row to claim the reward.  We've used this mechanic many times in the past and it works pretty well. It helps make sure that people who truly want them have a better shot at it and random stragglers don't just grab a key because they happened to land on it coincidentally. We had 69k people claim Day 1's prize within 24 hours. 25k reach day 3 and claimed that reward.  Almost all 25k attempted to get Day 4's reward, the Arcane Helmet. But of course, with only 10k keys, the first 10k were the only ones who got one. Those claims were all made within the first 6 hours of Day 4 going live.  

We truly wish everyone could have one. We know that's why the majority of you were here the last 5 days. We hope to work with GGG again on future promotions and will take the information we gathered from this one to help better plan the next. 

Hope this explains the situation and clears up any confusion.  

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The four days are already over? For me today is the second day... Why is the reward still showing?

TerraIllumina said:

The four days are already over? For me today is the second day... Why is the reward still showing?

Great question! This specific promotional calendar uses an accrued system. This means, you only get the days reward for the amount of days you have logged in. The PAC was started on March 23rd (Day 1).  If you didn't log in till the 24th or 25th, then your Day 1 started then.  Or, if you logged in on the 23rd but then skipped a day, you would see your day 2 reward available on the 25th.  

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4th day in a row for me today. No helmets left to claim. Good way to lose reputation XD I had NO idea how limited the stocks were but still dedicated both time and effort, even spread the word about this event to friends. Now I feel like I lied to my buddies and we all decided to leave Alienware Arena for good. Really thought this platform had potential but nah, not cooperating with you if you don't want to cooperate with me. 

I received only 3 rewards, although I visited the site every day. I just didn’t take 1 of the awards because the site is a little incomprehensible to me :<

I seriously cannot, for the life of me, understand WHY there would be a limited amount of items handed out. It's beyond stupendous and, frankly, disappointing as hell. Like other people have expressed in the other comments this feels scummy at best and definitely throws a blow to the trust of new people. 

That being said, you've lost me too. Never coming back. 

Thanks for the numbers and the patience to compile it into a nice article. Now we know what we were dealing with. That being said I still think it was miserably executed and the information of limited codes was not visible and I really believe it was on purpose. I am sorry to say that but nothing made me believe that it was just an unfortunate coincidence combined with greed of our fanbase. You could have at least put an information (like you do now) that the horns are already out of stock before the registration, I think that would have saved us all a lot of stress.

I of course have no idea how these giveaway events are handled in the background nor I have any idea how much resources you have to monitor the events and possibly to even control it. I am just saying that maybe in the future, when you are dealing with similar free-item-hungry fanbase, you will be able to better communicate any possible bottlenecks.

I got all 4 rewards, no issues. Thx for the promotion event. Keep up the good work! :)