Project Genesis Update

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Project Genesis Update: New Combat - Map - XP System

Improved combat mechanics, a new map and content, and a way for players and units to evolve using a brand new XP system (and over 137 other new features and bug fixes implemented too)! You asked and the Devs listened. If you haven't played for a while this is a great opportunity to get back in to see all of the updates your feedback has resulted in.

New Combat Mechanics:


CLOSE QUARTER COMBAT - Updated avatar movement - Updated frag mechanics and FX - Turret targeting improvements

- Interior visual cues and polish - New and improved audio cues


- Speed and movement updates - Fixed ship targeting - Introduced more tactical cover

- Adjusted field of view

- Breach and board UI improvements


The community-favored game mode Dominion is available on a new map: The Ring (working title). New Interior and Exterior Environments Getting ever closer to the industrially terra-formed moon, The Ring is another landmark to explore in the Project Genesis universe. Three Detonation maps: Solar Storm, Carbonaceous and Enceladus II and current Dominion map: Outpost now have some company with The Ring. Built in response to community feedback from the currently implemented maps, The Ring improves on the core game design to encourage faster engagements in both space combat engagement and FPS domains.

Evolution XP System:

Now your Pilot reflects progression through level advancement that rewards you by unlocking new units. Leveling Up Your progress accumulates according to your contribution to your team's victories, measured by your scores in games. Rewards include more ships, more weapons and access to all of the available avatars.

Servers are on 24/7 but join me and the devs on weekdays for an invaluable opportunity to playtest with you while the devs recod your feedback. This is also a way to enjoy servers with more players!

EVERY WEEKDAY 11am PDT (6pm GMT)** 5pm PDT (12am GMT) **brand new session


Full Release Notes:

- Progression/Levelup: After many game-platform iterations progression should be functioning much better

- lots of changes merged into one single line xD

- New experimental Dominion map (in rotation)

- Implemented a TeamBalance check function that disables a Player from changing Team if it would cause them to move to a Team that had the majority of Players

- Fixed environment collision issues

- Updated destroyed monitor materials

- Added calls to reset a Players Idle state in the Turret Emplacements to ensure they dont get kicked for being Idle when they shouldnt.

- Refactored the ShipCollision Damage code. It uses the replicated flight data from the Client to handle checking velocity on the Server to avoid sending RPCs. The collision damage also now has a cooldown that stops the damage from snowballing due to multiple collisions in a short period, this is exposed and can be tweaked. Damage is also specifically passed onto other Ships if it was a Ship on Ship collision, as the damage code only takes into account the instigators velocity, if the other Ship was below its own velocity threshold for collision damage it would not damage itself, therefore we pass that on manually.

- Fixed an issue where the GetWinningTeam function on the GameState was not taking into account if a Team had destroyed the Bombs on Detonation when deciding what to display on the EndMatch Widget. Addresses an edge case where it will show a Draw if the scores were the same for each Team.

- Fixed the "GS Registration" DisplayName for newly registered Players

- Fixed the AssaultPodInterior not showing a Badge

- Fixed various breach points marker communication and replication issues

- Fixed an issue with fps arms bugging out after stopping ads and moving mouse fast

- Fixed an incorrect anim in the pistol tp

- Increased kg ar firerate from 0.2 to 0.18 and reduced vertical recoil by a bit


- Dominion score clamped to max value if it goes over it during intermission

- Removed motion blur from fp camera

- Refactored the Badge system to now use Material Instances instead of simple Textures, this will allow more flexibility with Badges in the types and visuals they can show

- Setup the Hangar Profile, Ships, Scoreboard, Killfeed and AssaultPodInteriors with the new Badge system

- Added the User Interface Domain Badge Materials to their respective BadgeMaterialCollection DataAsset

- Fixed an issue with the kill feed player colors not being correct depending on the death situation - Adjustments to address a Client side crash when moving back to the Hangar

- Added some Client Messages that the Server sends to notify of the success or failure of sending/receiving the Stats Record at match end.

- Made adjustments to help address the Stats and Progression issue with the PlayerData.

- Breaching an outpost and capturing the point should now reward score

- Analytics, login event update - Moved the HangarPawn and HangarPlayerController onto using the PGPlayerController and a PGHangarPawn C++ base classes in order to ensure continuity between the gameplay classes and the hangar classes.

- Made modifications to the Inputs on the Avatar and Ship classes in order to allow for the above change

- Swapped reactor monitors for destructible, updated lightmaps

- Added destructible displays to domination

- Added scoreboard player entry sorting based on highest score


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