Project Genesis: The Enceladus update

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Breaching and Boarding massive capital ships and space stations with New Loadouts. 

New Avatar and Ship Abilities will bring new Battle Dynamics to Space and Ground Combat:
- 3 new avatars
- 40+ New Weapon Types
- Avatar Abilities: Placeable Turrets, Heal bubbles, Personal Shields
- Ship Abilities: Repair Drops, Shield Wall Drops
- Flight Deck customization - Updated iconography and flow with the ability to switch between bays within the customization widget
- Full weapons balance pass
- HUD radar

The environments in Project Genesis received a dramatic expansion in scale and in scope. Expect Tactically Upgraded Environments for Capital Ship Engagements and Space Dogfights. Doublesized capital ships and additional breach locations as well as turret emplacements: 
- Up-scaled Environments & Capital Ships
- New breach points added to Detonation maps
- New Capital Interiors
- More turret options to capital ships
- Improvements to breach pod-destroy time conditions bugs

Entirely new map:
- New experimental Map/mode: ONSLAUGHT (Attack/Defend)

Tactical asteroids to provide great hiding places:
- Added tactical fly-through asteroids

The HUD has some layout changes too:
- HUD Mini-radar added for ships and avatars
- HUD Round start notifications to improve player messaging
- HUD Status of weapons and abilities with easy-to-see keybinding indicators
- HUD Added Killstreak Tallying (more to come on this feature)
- HUD Added Kill Confirmation
- HUD Updated Killfeed & Icons
- HUD Added Hit Indicator Damage
- Added color differentiation for friendly/enemy shields

What about Servers?
- Added EU-CENTRAL-1 region to our fleet of servers to reduce latency. Adjust in PLAY menu to find players.
- Updated Matchmaking tech to utilize Flexible match queuing and rulesets (more sophisticated matching coming in our next update) 
- Resolved issue with version mismatch builds getting locked up upon kicking back to main menu
- Solved an issue where players would get kicked for inactivity while sending chat messages. We now mark players as Active when they send a message.

And More:
- Big audio changes to improve space/fps sound attenuation
- Adjusted physics asset bodies for all grenades to improve their bounce
- Introduced the ability to define if a FPS Weapon uses normal Ammo reloading or automatic Ammo regeneration
- Added proper regeneration system to throwables and deployables
- Implemented the ability to decide if an Interactable Objective accumulates progress towards its completion or not.
- Full Weapons Balance Pass
- Moved ASCEND default input from LEFT ALT to LEFT CTRL

Steam Achievements:
- Double Frag: Kill 2 Enemies at once with a Frag Grenade
- No Seatbelt: Kill an enemy by crashing into them
- Smite: Blind 3 Enemies at once with the EMP
- King of Kong: Get 5 barrel kills
- Mr. Wick: Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots
- Systempunkt: Complete all Detonation objectives by yourself
- Territorialist: Capture all hard points on dominion 1st
- Snow Crash: Break all screens on the enemy ship
- Pentakill: Kill 5 enemies without dying
- Decadence: Achieve level 10

Twitch Drops for Free Keys:
New opportunities for the community and content creators.If you’re a streamer, you’ll have an opportunity to grow whit this program. To find out how you can participate, check out our Creator program here:

The features listed above are the most significant, but over 300 fixes and features have been implemented since the inaugural Steam Early Access build was released on May 22, 2020 and Project Genesis is only about 57% completed. More is coming.

The Enceladus update Video:


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Project Genesis is a sci-fi PVP shooter that fuses two types of gameplay: ship to ship combat with FPS close quarters battles via a key mechanic: the breach and board sequence.

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