Secret Quest found in Skyrim after 10 years

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Youtuber Camelworks specializes in videos about the TES series. He claims he found a secret quest deeply hidden in the game files, fittingly named "The  Fool" which will only trigger standing next to a specific lamp post at a bridge near Whiterun.

Astonishingly enough nobody of the millions of players has stumbled upon this quest until now. Camelworks claims to be the first one to complete the quest ever. It took a lot of patience but according to him it is well worth the time for the bragging rights.

You can watch the complete walkthrough here

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Ah the old saying,  If a YouTuber did not hear a tree fall in the woods, did it really make a sound?  

Wow, this is so cool. I've never heard of an easter egg taking this long in any game.