NieR Replicant ver 1.22 - Launch

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For those of you fans of the internet's top android girl comes a more refined and extended version of the game that came before the explosive NieR Automata.

This game, like its more well known sequel, also has unusual narrative, excellent music and a diverse gameplay. The title now has many improvements made to its graphics to improve framerate, its combat system so its more engaging, although still kept too many of the fetch quest that made it a bit of a chore to get through.

The prequel takes place thousands of years before Automata so dont expect to see many familiar faces, but more like similar designs. A different protagonist and characters will be introduced in a dark post apocalyptic setting where a boy fights to find a cure for the sickness of his sister.

The gameplay is similar to other modern 3D action adventure games (like "Breath of the wild" or "Horizon Zero Dawn")  in a semi-open world where you will need to travel to different locations, talk to different people for clues, explore dungeons and solve the occasional puzzle.

If you are invested in the NieR lore and world building, be sure to check it out, but otherwise, be aware that many people have found the game to be a bit repetitive due the combat being too easy to master and the side-quests being repetitive fetch quests. 

Watch the trailer here:

Game is going to be released for PC on April 23th!

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