Aion Classic launches June 23!

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What is Aion Classic?

  • Experience the earliest days of Aion’s existence in Aion Classic starting on June 23rd!
    • Choose from the four original Aion primary classes: Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Priest.
    • Employ careful planning and strategy to capture Fortresses before the opposing faction.
    • Enjoy rifting across Atreia deep into the opponents’ territory to contest critical objectives, or just to have some PvP fun!
    • Aion Classic will bring back the original Aion’s PvP experiences with improved PvP balance for the different classes, without disrupting that “classic Aion feel”.
  • How to Play:
    • There will be a Free Access period for the first week after launch (6/23 - 6/30), where players will be able to experience the full game.
    • Otherwise, all players will get one free hour of full access (a.k.a. "Siel's Aura") each day, after which players can continue to play with some restrictions or purchase a Siel's Aura subscription for $15 for unlimited Full Access for one month. A discounted 90-day option will also be available.
    • For more information, be sure to check out
  • Founder’s Packs:
    • For those particularly excited for Aion Classic, NCSOFT is offering the Founder’s Packs which is available for a limited time and offer a wealth of in-game goodies including additional Siel’s Aura time!
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I would like to play again, it has been a long time since I played 

Can't wait to play this! <3


Anyone has any experience with it?