Generation Zero Schweet Vanity Pack DLC Key Giveaway

Get schweet in Sweden for the ultimate Man VS Machines!

What you'll get in the Schweet Vanity Pack
Load up with some schweet new outfits from the 1980s. Mix between the various articles from four stylish new sets, each with a unique combination of accessories, clothing, and hairstyles. Express your excitement with 5 stellar new emotes, and start dancing around the maypole.

About Generation Zero
Sweden. 1989. When the residents of Östertörn wake to find deadly machines on the rampage, winning becomes living. Alone or with up to three friends, sneak, scavenge and shoot your way to safety across a vast, varied landscape that is as intriguing as it is deadly. Generation Zero is a stealth-action hybrid with a rich and rewarding world to explore and mysteries to uncover.