Alienware Monitor and Peripherals Discord Q&A

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Hey All!

We're hosting another Discord Q&A covering our latest Alienware monitor and peripherals on Thursday 4/7/2022. Alienware Global Marketing Managers, Lisa Matrasko and Mike Olson will be joining us to help answer all your burning questions on our Discord server! 

The discussion thread is open now (#qa-questions), so be sure to join the Discord server and get those questions in.

Date: 4/7 - Thursday, April 7th

Time: 3pm-4pm EST

Where: #qa-questions

Topics Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor, 920H Tri-mode Wireless Gaming Headset, 720M Tri-mode Wireless Gaming Mouse

See you there!

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The Green Surfer

Hope that I can get to do this since I am on Mountain time