The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update: Everything To Know

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The CD Projket Red (CDPR) team has been busy on the hype train for their large-scale Witcher expansion. Containing four Witcher games across the span of the next five years, CDPR is drastically expanding the world of The Witcher videogame universe as the craze for The Witcher universe continues to catch and grow. The new-gen upgrade coming to The Witcher 3 is the cherry on top of their long development schedule and is a welcome win after a year of delaying the update.

While the Witcher 3 had a somewhat rocky launch, with fans beleaguered about the "downgraded" graphics and a delayed, buggy kickoff, the game has ultimately been remembered as a fan favorite and is widely considered one of the top RPG games ever created. If you haven't ever played it before, it would be good to wait for this number to go on sale after all the cleaning up is done to help modernize it. This new gen update will be freely available to everyone who owns the game already and includes:

  • 60fps performance mode or 30fps with ray tracing (except on Series S)
  • Haptic feedback on PS5
  • Over-the-shoulder camera and photo mode on PC
  • Cross-save between PS5, Series X/S, and PC
  • Button shortcuts for Sign magic
  • Map filter to remove flood of “?” symbols
  • Option to have mini-map disappear while on horseback or during combat
  • Bigger subtitle fonts
  • Questline for acquiring gear inspired by Henry Cavill’s Geralt portrayal in the Netflix series
  • Optional Netflix-style costumes for Ciri, Yen, Tris, Dandelion, and Nilfgaardian soldiers
  • Other, more granular graphics options, updates, and bug fixes

You can watch the full update trailer here. The official CDPR site also has an official blog that breaks down the complete list of updates on a more granular level, if you're into that kind of stuff. Are you excited to go back to roaming on Roach? Let me know below!

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