Get Marvel Midnight Suns with select Alienware Systems

Lilith, an evil older than time, has been returned to life by the forces of HYDRA. With the goal of also returning her dead master Chthon to the world of the living, Lilith offers a challenge to the world unlike any previously seen: Brute force and high technology won’t solve this problem, you’re going to need magic to fight magic.. 

A tactical turn-based combat game, you’ll control some of the most potent magic-using and demon-possessed heroes in the Marvel universe in your quest to save the world from the forces of darkness. Ray-traced reflections and ray-traced ambient occlusion will take visual fidelity to the next level. And DLSS 2 will give you the performance to enable these effects at the highest resolutions, for the best possible experience. 

Get your copy free with the purchase of select Alienware systems.

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awsome game, love the storymode and the side mission to unlock hunters past. Is totally a great game to get and play



15 days of not working ARP app, very bad advertising. At least i added it pretty fast to blacklist thanks to unannounced hidden denuvo.