strafield, rdr2 or cyberpunk? i have them all installed but cant decide which to play
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02.27.2024 14:29:43 - rokocoko -
If you played RDR, you'll love RDR 2. Start with this one.
02.27.2024 14:43:28 - fahook -
I loved Cyberpunk, it´s a must play game if you like the genre. If i may suggest, think about the last game you played, and choose something that is on the opposite side, to change the feel of things and experience something new.
02.27.2024 15:11:57 - Kokuei -
I like slower paced games so I choose Red Dead Redemption 2.
02.27.2024 19:27:33 - Tmmimitw -
starfield in the last place, rdr2 if you want a kinda chill game, cyberpunk if you want a more active game.
02.27.2024 19:31:38 - SpectorTM -
I know everyone hates on Starfield but I enjoyed it for a good bit. (Starts getting boring around the 80ish hour) HOWEVER I would also wait on that as the modding tools are supposed to come out real soon. I'd start with RDR2 (play RDR1 firs
02.27.2024 19:36:27 - erintesden -
Play Hades
02.28.2024 02:26:00 - blalilulelo -
I'd go for Cyberpunk but I don't like the slow pace of RDR2. Starfield is a borefest.
02.29.2024 08:15:44 - VIJAYB10 -
Start with RDR 2.
02.29.2024 12:22:14 - Raiseft -
Start with RDR 2, then go to Cyberpunk 2077. You can skip Starfield if you don't have time to wander around doing nothing for a couple of hours.