Doom Eternal is getting super-demons

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id Software is adding a feature to Doom Eternal. In Update 1: Empowered Demons;  when another player dies, the demon that killed them can now be made stronger and transported into your game. That will be strategic-tactical add-on to Doom Eternal's combat arenas. This will surely be a good improvement to players who already get their thrills from blasting through the campaign mode multiple times.

Ofcourse there is an upside which is that the empowered demons drop lots of health and ammo when killed with extra bonus XP to players to spend in-game events. This will be like battle pass but will be free, so players will like it more.

Doom Eternal's first update will also include other stuff mostly focused on enhancements to Battlemode.  It'll include new anti-cheat and network tweaks, a death report screen and more. Singleplayer will also have some improvements like much more detailed demon tutorials.

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not sure how this makes other people feel. i dont see the point