Games Helped Us During the Pandemic, and We Returned the Favor

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all aspects of life, including mental health. Many people felt isolated, anxious, and stressed, as they grappled with changes to their daily routines and social lives. People sought out new ways to stay connected to each other, and many found comfort in video games. 

With lockdowns and social distancing measures in place, human connection was harder to find. Games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons gave people a cozy and self-paced way to spend their free time by shaking fruit down from trees and decorating (and redecorating, and redecorating) our islands. Among Us peaked in popularity during the pandemic. With its simple design and concept, the game might appear underwhelming just by looks, but the infinite ways to deceive or work together with friends and strangers made it a go-to game if you were looking for a good laugh or challenge. Among Us has continued to provide us with clips of hilarious content beyond the pandemic, but it truly provided at a time when we needed it most. 

Although it may have been hard to stay at home during the lockdown, it wasn’t all bad for the gaming industry. The pandemic has led to an increase in video game sales and revenue. In 2020 there was a reported 27% increase in video game sales. This showed the world that the industry is a worthy investment, and not just for kids. This surge in demand has led to new opportunities for game developers and studios, who were able to create and release new games during the pandemic. Kickstarter saw a huge increase of $6.6 million in funding for video games from 2019-2020. This was a huge hike compared to the $500,000 increase from 2018-2019 and was a stark difference to the $1.5 million drop from 2017-2018. Whether it was the extra time developers might have had (for better or for worse) or the peak in video game interest that spurred new ideas, the industry flourished in a time that was quite uncertain for many others. For those that love the industry, this was a bit of good news after so much darkness. 

The circumstances certainly could have been better, but the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic did help remind us that video games can have a positive effect on the world, even when times are at their worst. In the end, we were better off thanks to video games, and our support helped propel the industry forward.

I would love to hear how video games helped this community through tough times, lockdown or otherwise, let me know in the comments! 

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Enjoys a Good Drink

besides games, going through my collection of cook books really made it go by 


I would agree that gaming helped a bunch. There is always things/work to do out on a farm and thankfully I mostly enjoy it. There were definetly some days when not being able to go anywhere was a real bummer, but like an old song says, it's the country life for me.

Game Reviewer

The bitter irony is that while video games are more popular than ever, the cheap methods of legally acquiring them have nearly dried out. I'd wager that only 10% of the bundle sites I used in 2015, are still around today. Don't even get me started on the hardware prices in 2023. I literally bought a Steam Deck recently since that was the only viable alternative to dropping a ridiculous sum on a bloody new mid-range PC nowadays. It could have costed me thrice as much and for what, diminishing returns? 

Software is cheap by comparison, but the prices for AAA stuff will only increase as time passes. They can get away with almost any asking price, so why stop at 70 bucks? Ever more broken releases at launch. My only gaming comfort rests in a hefty backlog of indie titles I can safely run on an aging desktop or on the Deck. Both the gaming industry and hardware manufacturers need a wake-up call. Still waiting for that Crash to rival the one from 1983.


I was saved by my videogame...i'm diabetic and never pass 10 hour in home before... but i'm alive, thanks God of


For me, it's almost no different than before the "social distancing" situation but it's been quite interesting with how society has changed even through gaming.

Video games helped keep me out of places that were a waste of time and money. I was home instead.

I've not had much luck with friendships in decades.. but, somehow, discovering worlds and adventures in various games has been awesome.

Some games you can join guilds, or simply play along other people. You pick the level of interaction you want at any given time. Seeing other people's characters roaming and venturing in live games can be socially fulfilling. (There's even apps to find gamers and their gaming style. You might connect and meet a Player 2, or a group to hang out with often during your gaming sessions (again, in-game guilds can also help with that).

You don't always have to quest or battle. When I've been quite sick (and not), there are games you can just wander about and take in or discover very wonderous creations within them. Create other homes (literally) within them. Video games definitely rock.